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Passing in the Exam is not the only way of success, it is just a step to the success. But there are more and rapid Steps to the success may wait for you.

 This is a story of Mother in Japan.
What is mother? What is the love of mother? This is not an ordinary picture.This is a scene after earth-quake in Japan.Here a dead body of the woman has been found.
The woman hugged a blanket. But her attitudes are different. People thought she was alive. But she was not alive. But her attitudes are saying something that she caught something inside the blanket. When people opened the blanket, they found a 3 months baby, who is still alive. (Subahan-ALLAH)
Beside the woman, there found a cell phone, where the woman text "If you can survive, you must remember that I love you." Just speechless !.............
How much sacrifice a mother can?

Now think about our mothers.........
They can also sacrifice there life for us.

But we are giving hurt ,
Have we ever thought?









How much we can faith to Mother?

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